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Recuro Puts the Focus on Healthcare with IT Support with USM Technology

Paul from Recuro Health

We had the privilege of featuring one of our clients from Recuro Health, Paul, in our Lone Star Business Journal: Summer Edition magazine on his experience of streamlining and optimizing their growth alongside their acquisition strategy. Learn more about the impact USM Technology's partnership had on fortifying its technology infrastructure.

Question: Please briefly describe what Recuro Health does as a company. What is your role in the company, and what was the IT problem your organization was wrestling with?

I truly believe that what we’re doing at Recuro is changing the healthcare industry, improving patient outcomes, and revolutionizing preventative healthcare. We rely on genetic testing, telehealth technology, and a strong platform to have an impact on patients all over the United States. However, when I joined eighteen months ago, we had frustrating challenges standing in our way and limiting our impact. As the Director of Technology, I work with technically savvy colleagues daily, but even we felt stuck with our current technology ecosystem.

I remember sitting down at a virtual meeting and trying to open a shared file, but because of our acquisition-based growth strategy, people in that meeting were using three different instances of Microsoft 365, and only a handful of people were able to view the file. We were stopped in our tracks because of a technical blip that was as basic as could be, and at that moment, I knew it was time for a major change.

Question: How did you decide to approach the IT problem?

As much as I wanted to focus on Recuro’s telehealth platform and our patient offerings, I made the difficult decision to slow down and get our basics right with the help of USM Technology. Moving all of Recuro to the same infrastructure and streamlining our ability to communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve changed how we could do business. I went from getting frustration-filled texts and calls from my teams when something wasn’t working right to getting messages that credited USM Technology with solving our IT issues quickly and efficiently.

Question: What has USM Technology done that has positively impacted your organization as a whole?

Since we started working with them, the team at USM Technology has been professional, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable. As Recuro continues to grow and our list of acquisitions gets longer, I no longer spend hours of my day trying to put out IT-related fires and ensuring all of my teams can talk to each other from different locations. I know that USM Technology understands our business strategy, prioritizes our IT needs, and navigates system implementations with ease. They partnered with us to remove barriers that felt trivial but were directly impeding our ability to do business. Now, our full-service IT help desk, USM Technology, is one of the best business investments we have made during my time at Recuro.

Question: Do you have any other comments or advice that you would share with business owners/IT leaders facing a similar situation that you went through?

Acquisitions can be challenging and frustrating, but when done well, they can enhance business offerings like no other strategic opportunity. For business leaders struggling to manage acquisition-related growth, my #1 advice is to work with an organization like USM Technology that can align the foundational aspects of acquisitions. Taking the time to integrate IT infrastructure and do it right the first time will always be worth the investment. Trust me, we didn’t prioritize it initially and paid for it.

Not only do I get to spend my time where my personal skill set is most valuable, my staff is happier, our company culture is more unified, and our users receive better customer support. We used to feel like multiple companies competing for resources, but now, Recuro is as cohesive as ever been, thrilled to continue growing, and ready to take on the healthcare industry’s biggest challenges. None of this would be our reality without USM Technology’s support and expertise. They transformed our business and improved the impact we have across the board.

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