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IT Buyer's Guide

Join USM Technology's Referral Program

At USM Technology, we highly value referrals and consider them a true testament to our service quality. If you know someone looking to enhance their business technology, introducing them to us could be a game-changer for them - and rewarding for you!

Why Choose USM Technology?

  • Boosted Productivity: We enhance your business tech, streamlining processes for growth.

  • Rapid Response: Expect a technician on the line within 60 seconds for support needs.

  • Expert Cybersecurity: Our team proactively safeguards your critical data 24/7.

  • Custom IT Solutions: We offer a diverse range of software tailored to your specific requirements.

Earn Rewards for Referrals

  • First Booked Meeting: Earn a $50 gift card for each qualified referral (businesses with more than 20 desktops) that leads to a first-time meeting

  • Referral Turned Client: Receive a $500 direct check to yourself or your preferred charity when your referral signs on as a client.


Empower your network with top-tier IT solutions and reap rewards with USM Technology's 550 Referral Program. Your recommendation could be the key to their technological success!

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