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Robin Robins' Top 10 Rules for Salespeople

You Have To Be SOLD Before You Can SELL.

Be passionate and excited about what you sell. Talk to someone who is passionate about a hobby, and they’ll “sell” you on why it’s so exciting. They don’t need a script or clever closes. They sell because of their sheer passion for what they do. If you are not as convinced about what you do, then make it better so you can be passionate.

Always Be The Most Professional Person In The Room. Dress modestly and professionally, be punctual, and follow through on your commitments. Don’t get angry or defensive. Say “please” and “thank you.” Show professionalism in your actions and processes. Too many salespeople are casual about their performance. They show up late, unprepared, and unscripted and are not ready to close.

True Sales Pros NEVER Wing It. Avoid improvisation and follow a well-planned, strategic sales process. Find the most effective approach and repeat it consistently.

Never Trash The Competition. Instead of bad-mouthing competitors, sell based on your own strengths and merits. Avoid relying on negativity and focus on highlighting your unique value. If you don't have any merit, get some.

Sending Emails And Connecting With People On Social Media Are NOT Productive Prospecting Activities. Sending emails and engaging on social media alone is not sufficient. Go beyond digital interactions and meet prospects in person at networking events, conferences, and meetings. That’s your job if you’re a hunter. NEVER leave a meeting with a prospect without a SCHEDULED next action. Don’t waste your time, take control of the process, politely identify disinterested prospects, and find better opportunities.

Don’t Sell To People Who Only Have The Authority To Say ‘NO.’ It’s difficult enough to deal with willingness to buy; don’t handicap yourself with their inability to buy, too. How do you know if they have the authority to buy? Who influences their decisions? Who is truly calling the shots? Scripts and practice help, but ask the tough questions to determine their decision-making process and consider the key factors influencing their choices. Ask, “Why do you want to do business with us?”

ACTIVITIES Drive RESULTS, Period. Avoid complaining about external factors and instead focus on taking action. If you’re doing enough of the right activities, you will succeed. You have to make up in numbers what you lack in skill. Repetition of correct fundamentals enhances your skills. Commit to the necessary work and activities for success.

Follow Up Fast On EVERY Lead. The faster you respond, the better your chances are of getting the deal. Make sure you don’t give up on leads too quickly, and call at least 5–7 times in addition to emailing, mailing, and social messaging before you put them into drip marketing. If you want to be successful in sales, you should work MORE than 9 to 5. You control your income — and your raise becomes effective the minute you work more. Also, as the saying goes, “Learners are earners.” What book are you reading? What method are you studying to be at the top of your game? If you see yourself as a professional, you are constantly sharpening your skills.

Have Something INTERESTING To Share.

Why should someone take your call? Your meeting? If all you can offer is to pitch a product or talk to someone about their “IT needs,” you don’t deserve a callback or a meeting. Great salespeople are fountains of knowledge and true consultants. They know things others don’t. When you meet with a true professional who knows their industry, product, and client, they can tell you things that are truly valuable. Focus on selling prospects on the benefits they will gain from meeting with you.

Invite The ‘No.’ Don't waste time on uninterested prospects. Focus your efforts on finding those who are ready to buy. Let your marketing efforts handle drip campaigns while you actively seek out potential buyers.

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