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The First 72 Survival System

Take Action for Your Cyber Readiness

You've Attended the FBI Event, Now What?

This past month, we had the privilege of co-hosting an FBI Roundtable Event for Texas Business Leaders with Allen Economic Development Corporation. In this event, many of the business leaders who were present learned more in-depth about the governmental groups' responsibilities and resources you can access in the event of a cyber-attack, the most common cybercriminals' techniques and tactics, the average monetary cost it would take for a midsize business to recover from an attack, the importance of a tabletop exercise (developing a business continuity plan and incident response plan), and how to build an effective cyber response system (the first 72 hours).

The average time it takes for a mid-sized business to recover from a cyber-attack can take 3 weeks or more, with a possibility of losing $300,000+ per hour of downtime. (Source: invenioIT)

This makes the first 72 hours post-cyber attack all the more crucial. Not all cyberattacks are created equal, and with the rise of AI and access to such tools, cybercriminals are only becoming less easy to distinguish compared to real, legitimate requests made by someone within your network, organization, vendors, or partners. So, what exactly would be the best way to minimize the likelihood of these consequences from happening?

Discover how to secure yourself and your data with a penetration test.

What is a Penetration Test, and What to Expect?

Penetration Test (1).png

Experiencing a breach? Click here to submit an emergency ticket form.


Click Here to Download the First 72 Hours Infographic Below.

First 72 Hours - Human Operated Ransomwa

Here are some clips and pictures from our event.

fbi executive briefing cover_edited.jpg

Business Leaders Takeaways From the FBI Roundtable

“The program was excellent! The most valuable component was asking the question, Does your company have a plan?”

~ Lee Wagner

Don't let a lack of preparation be the reason your organization falls victim to cybercrime. Take the crucial steps needed to safeguard your organization today.
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