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Live, 2-Hour In-Person Roundtable for CEOs & CFOs

Learn from the FBI’s Cybersecurity Expert How Business Leaders Must Respond To A Cyberattack & AVOID Losing The Fight & Paying The Ransom.

Invitation-Only Executive Roundtable for Business Leaders with the FBI's Cybersecurity Expert

Extremely Limited Space For This Business Executive Roundtable

Only Space For 12 Mid-Market Business Leaders

Event Details

Date: Thursday, September 14th

Location: 950 W. Bethany Dr., Allen, TX 75013

Registration: 7:30 to 8:00 am

2-Hour Roundtable: 8:00 to 10:00 am

FBI Panel Event Location

This Is Not A Technology Event! 
This Roundtable Is Designed for Business Executives

This roundtable conversation focuses on the economics of cybercrime and the business implications for the target companies. While many executives look at cybercrime as a technology problem, the reality is a cyber-attack, first and foremost, is a business problem, responsible for triggering a cascading series of legal, compliance, revenue, client retention, and insurance implications. 

We designed this event for business leaders because they establish and maintain the organization’s priorities. In addition, a well-prepared and educated executive suite is a vital resource in an effective cyber response and will minimize the damage that hackers can inflict. 

Rest assured, you will not be subjected to an unending litany of technical jargon. Instead, we will share stories about business leaders like yourself that were forced to respond to a cyber-attack, and you will learn a straightforward approach to effectively preparing your leadership team to repel a cyber-attack. This event has been designed for business leaders; therefore, most of the conversation will be focused on actions that business executives will take. However, we encourage you to bring your technology leader to implement some of the specific technical actions.

Is This 2-Hour Executive Roundtable Right For Me and My Business?

This 2-hour executive roundtable on cyber response is especially for you if…

  • You are a business executive concerned that your organization is not fully prepared to repel a cyber-attack.

  • You want to know the techniques cybercriminals will use to pressure you into paying a large ransom.

  • You want a practical process to protect your business from suffering the worst impact of a cyber-attack.

  • You want to know who can help you during a cyber-attack.

Why this Roundtable Event?

A Special Agent from the FBI's cybercrime division will share first-hand experiences of Texas businesses fighting actual cyber threats. He will delve into the repercussions, discuss why Texas organizations are a prime target for global cybercrime rings, and how the FBI and other federal agencies can fortify their company's cyber defenses.

What to Expect

This roundtable is not merely about discussing the threats - it is also about implementing a solution. We'll introduce six critical systems that you, as a top-level executive, must verify are implemented within your organization. These measures are designed to bolster your defenses against the impending onslaught of AI-enhanced cyber-attacks.

What other business leaders say about the FBI cybersecurity event.

“The program was excellent! The most valuable component was asking the question, Does your company have a plan?”

~ Lee Wagner

Don't let a lack of preparation be the reason your organization falls victim to cybercrime. Join us for this unique opportunity to learn from one of the nation's top experts in cybersecurity and network with like-minded leaders. Take the crucial steps needed to safeguard your organization today.

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