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PC Fleet Management from USM Technology

Transform The Way You Manage Your IT Assets And Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

In the fast-paced business world, from planning to configuration design to deployment, it is crucial for all mid-sized organizations to stay up to date with critical software/hardware updates to keep their business secure and running efficiently. With USM Lifecycle Management Services, we understand the importance of evaluating all key areas that your organization uses as well as maintaining your security when employee onboarding and offboarding happens.

Is This You?

  1. Are you having a hard time tracking the process for employees on/offboarding? Do you often feel disconnected with decisions made by your HR/Hiring manager teams during the process?

    • USM Technology ensures a streamlined process from start to finish whenever your organization goes through employee on/offboarding. We have tools such as a form to track specific requirements for on/offboarding, communications to update your stakeholders, and a centralized dashboard to manage your organizational process.

  2. Do you find your team scrambling to ensure that first-day hires have the right equipment or software to start their roles, even potentially causing a bad first impression?

    • USM Technology's Lifecycle Management guarantees a great first day experience for your new hires by preparing and sending their PC in a timely manner. We also offer an onboarding call to ensure your new hires have the right access to resources to hit the ground running. 

  3. Is on/offboarding prep consuming a big portion of your valuable time?

    • We understand that as your organization grows, processes that used to be quicker may now take longer. Our on/offboarding process has been tested and refined with our rapidly growing clients, saving them time and increasing efficiency and productivity.

  4. Are you concerned about open loopholes during equipment and/or software transitions in the on/offboarding process?

    • USM Technology's team verifies that all PCs have specific equipment built into them before day one. Precise time blocking can be executed based on HR/Hiring manager requests to enhance security.

  5. Does your team struggle to collect hardware from terminated employees?

What We Do

Your On/Offboarding Process is Designed to Simply Your Operations and Empower Your People:


Seamless account setup: Your user creation, access rights, software installations, and more are all streamlined and ready to equip your new hires.​

Efficient equipment deployment: All equipment procurement, configuration, and delivery are handled at our headquarters. Say goodbye to lost laptops and delayed deliveries.

Personalized training and support: Once your request for onboarding a new employee is submitted, we offer tailored training on essential tools and systems to best aid your new hires to hit the ground running.


Secure data removal: We are dedicated to protecting your sensitive data. We securely wipe devices and eliminate lingering access, ensuring compliance and your peace of mind.​

Inventory management: We track and recover company assets, verifying and maximizing resource utilization.

Professional service with care: We handle equipment returns and account closures efficiently, leaving a positive final impression.

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What You Receive

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Increased productivity:

Get your people up to speed quickly and focus on what matters most.

Enhanced security:

Safeguard your data with secure access controls and device management.

Reduced costs:

Streamline processes, optimize resource allocation, and minimize onboarding hiccups.

Improved employee experience:

Create a positive first and last impression for all members of your team.

Peace of mind:

Relax knowing your transitions are handled by experts, allowing you to focus on strategic priorities.

Our Services

Streamlined Onboarding:

Quick and secure setup of hardware and software, letting new talent hit the ground running.

Efficient Onboarding:

Safeguard sensitive data with systematic de-provisioning and hardware collection.

Hardware Lifecycle Tracking:

Stay informed with real-time reports on the status, age, and security compliance of each device. Replace aging hardware on a predictable schedule.

Geo-Smart Solutions:

Implement geofencing and geo-location tools to manage your remote workforce effectively

Cybersecurity Assurance:

Deploy cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and verify security controls are enabled to protect your enterprise from evolving threats.

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