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Take a Closer Look at Your Network's Security

Take this quiz to find out!

Are you curious about your organization's preparedness for a potential cyber-attack? Wondering if there are any additional measures that could further enhance your network's security against downtime, cyber threats, data breaches, and other costly disruptions?

Take our quiz to evaluate the effectiveness of your cybersecurity strategies and explore ways to support your IT team in safeguarding your network's security. It's an opportunity to identify strengths and discover areas for growth in your organization's cyber-readiness.

Emergency Response Time: Is the team capable of responding to emergencies within 30 minutes?

Accessibility for Support: Is the team readily accessible for both emergency and routine support needs?

Ongoing System Maintenance: Does the team conduct regular maintenance to ensure smooth system operations?

Proactive Network Improvements: Is the team proactive in suggesting and implementing enhancements for network performance?

Transparent Billing: Are the invoices detailed and clear, providing a good understanding of the services paid for?

Project Management Efficiency: Does the team complete projects within the allocated timeframe and budget?

Prompt Support Follow-up: Are support requests acknowledged and followed up on promptly?

Service Guarantee: Is there a guarantee offered for the services provided?

Professionalism in Service: Does the team demonstrate professionalism in punctuality and appearance?

Backup Support Availability: In the absence of your regular technician (due to vacation or illness), is there another knowledgeable technician available?

Technician Expertise and Training: Do the technicians maintain up-to-date certifications and participate in ongoing training?

Efficient Learning Curve: Is there confidence that the team is well-trained and not learning at the organization's expense?

Attentive Service: Does the team provide undivided attention to your needs without appearing rushed?

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery: Is there a strong emphasis on regular network backups and a disaster recovery plan?

Regular IT and Business Reviews: Does the team offer regular meetings to discuss business plans, network status, and performance?

Project Management Communication: Are there frequent updates, status reports, and follow-up communications to minimize the need for you to track project progress?

☐ Predictable Billing for Projects: Are project quotes provided on a flat-rate or fixed-fee basis rather than open-ended “time and materials” quotes?

Quiz Rating Score:

If you scored below 17 points, you may need to take additional procedures to safeguard your network's security.

Exclusive Offer for Prospective Clients: 2 Hours of Complimentary Network Support

As a valued prospective client, we're excited to offer you two hours of complimentary network support. This is our way of demonstrating our commitment to exceptional service. During this time, we will:

✔ Conduct a thorough security assessment of your network to protect against threats like hacking, viruses, and data theft.

✔ Verify the effectiveness of your data backup systems, ensuring critical files are securely and accurately backed up.

✔ Perform a quick optimization of your network for enhanced speed and efficiency in accessing programs and files.

✔ Provide expert advice on any upcoming IT projects or upgrades, including a second opinion on any quotes you've received.

To Claim Your Free Support Complete the Form on This Page or Call Us at 214-390-9252.

Compared to other IT firms, USM's impressive 60-second response guarantee and their sophisticated approach to addressing complex matters is truly outstanding. Their responsiveness and professionalism far exceed that of any IT support we've had in the past.


For anyone on the fence about choosing USM, I can confidently say that the attention to detail and expertise they've provided thus far is

unparalleled. Their ability to customize services to our specific needs while anticipating future requirements makes them invaluable partners. As the company grows, we're excited to continue working with USM and know that we've made the right choice for our IT support needs.

Andy Maish, CFO

USM Technology came highly recommended by one of our staff who had worked with them earlier in his career. We were searching for a group to help us fortify our cybersecurity posture. USM came in not just with a list of compelling recommendations but also the skill and talent to help us rapidly implement those enhancements. I sleep better at night knowing that the USM’s cybersecurity

systems are at work protecting our network.


USM has gone on to help us streamline our operations, licensing, and employee productivity. We simply no longer need multiple consulting firms to get things done. Their responsiveness is far better than any technology firm we have worked with in the past.

USM Technology is an excellent choice for over-worked IT people!

David Elder, Director of IT
3 SureFire Signs Report

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