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Stephen Cracknell

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CEO and Founder of USM Technology

Stephen Cracknell is the Founder & CEO of USM Technology and Best-Selling Author of Cyber Storm. Stephen is passionate about helping his clients use their technology to gain a competitive advantage. He set up his Texas-based company in 2010. USM Technology provides a wide range of IT services, including cybersecurity solutions, cloud and network infrastructure, and Microsoft 365 expertise. The team at USM also helps their clients with complex IT projects ranging from compliance, to cost management to mergers & acquisitions.

Before launching USM, Stephen spent 12 years at Microsoft. There, he managed a wide range of technology projects, from cybersecurity to database and network design. In 2007, Bill Gates himself awarded Stephen the Microsoft Innovation Award for his work on a Shelter Registration System he designed for the American Red Cross. 

Stephen has also dedicated time to Voices for Innovation, a group that engages politicians to promote STEM education and drive forward legislation on technology privacy, and security. And when it comes to cyber-safety, Stephen's on the frontline as a cybersecurity expert for the CyberPeace Institute. The CyberPeace Institute helps protect vulnerable NGOs around the world from cybercriminals.

When he's clocked out, Stephen's probably traveling or on a hiking trail somewhere with his wife and kids. 

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Stephen Cracknell

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