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Conduct A Tabletop Exercise

Build Your Organization's Cyber Response Capabilities

Why A Tabletop Exercise 


During an exclusive roundtable event, a distinguished Special Agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Dallas Cyber Task Force joined Stephen Cracknell, CEO and Founder of USM Technology, to deliver a presentation to business leaders on the evolving state of cybercrime in Texas.


The critical takeaway from the event was that business leaders who dedicated themselves to preparing for a cyber event are far less likely to experience excessive downtime and pay a ransom. In response to this finding, USM Technology is offering business leaders a guided 1/2-day tabletop exercise to help them prepare for a cyber incident.

Stay Prepared. Stay Protected.


In collaboration with expertise gained from our recent co-presentation with the FBI, we're proud to introduce our 1/2-day tabletop cybersecurity exercise explicitly designed for forward-thinking businesses. This immersive simulation experience offers your team an invaluable opportunity to evaluate, practice, and enhance its readiness against potential cyber threats.


Why Opt For A Tabletop Exercise?


Step Through Real-World Scenarios: Test your organization's response to realistic cyber threats without the real-world consequences.

Strengthen Team Collaboration: Enhance the collective cybersecurity knowledge of your team, bridging the gap between IT and the rest of the organization.

Identify Gaps & Weaknesses: Uncover potential vulnerabilities in your processes and develop strategies to address them.

Gain Confidence: By understanding potential threats, your organization can confidently handle real-world cyber incidents.

Stay Compliant: Ensure your organization remains aligned with industry regulations and standards.



What Does The Exercise Include?


  • Introduction to the tabletop framework and objectives.

  • Tailored scenarios based on the most relevant threats to your industry.

  • Guided discussions and decision-making moments.

  • Debriefing and recommendations based on your team's performance.

  • A detailed report outlining key findings, areas for improvement, and recommended next steps.

Who Should Participate In A Tabletop Exercise?


While primarily tailored for decision-makers and their technology team, a tabletop exercise is beneficial for anyone responsible for delivering services during a business disruption. Participation from across the organization's critcal business units will lead to deeper insights into your organization's overall cyber response requirements. 


For this comprehensive half-day exercise, we offer a complete package priced at $2,500. This includes preparatory work, expert facilitation during the exercise, and a post-event analysis report.

Book Your Tabletop Exercise Today!

With cyber threats evolving every day, it's never been more important to be prepared. Let us help you fortify your defenses, equip your team with the necessary knowledge, and ensure your organization stands resilient against cyber adversaries.

Are You Ready To Take Action?

What other business leaders say about the FBI cybersecurity event.

“The program was excellent! The most valuable component was asking the question, Does your company have a plan?”

~ Lee Wagner

Don't let a lack of preparation be the reason your organization falls victim to cybercrime. Prepare, practice, and perfect your strategies with our half-day tabletop exercise.

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