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Cyber Resilience 2023: Equipping Texas Enterprises for the Digital Battlefield

Invitation-Only: FBI Cybersecurity Workshop

Event Details:

When: September 14th at 7:30 am - 10:30 am
Where: Allen, Texas, in association with the Allen Economic Development Corporation

Are you concerned that hackers could cripple your business? Do you worry that your organization won't respond effectively to a cyber attack, eventually leading to a ransom payment? Do you want to learn the proactive measures you can take now to successfully repel a major cyber-attack?

The recent ransomware attack on the City of Dallas has underlined the necessity of robust cybersecurity. In response to this evolving threat landscape, we have partnered with the Allen Economic Development Corporation to present an exclusive Cybersecurity Workshop specifically tailored for business leaders in Texas.

Don't fight the cybercriminals alone. Sign up for our exclusive FBI event to get all the tips for protecting your company from cyber attacks

You will receive the calendar placer in your mailbox. Check your junk mail folder or send us an email at if you do not receive it.

FBI Up Close  - Stephen Cracknell Speaking

Why this Workshop?

We've invited a Special Agent from the FBI's cybercrime division who will share firsthand experiences of Texas businesses fighting real-time cyber threats. He will delve into the repercussions, discuss why Texas organizations are a prime target for global cybercrime rings, and how the FBI and other federal agencies can fortify your company's cyber defenses.

What to Expect?

This workshop is not merely about discussing the threats - it's about finding solutions. We'll introduce six vital controls that you, as a top-level executive, must enforce within your organization. These measures are designed to bolster your defenses against the impending onslaught of AI-enhanced cyber-attacks.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Eligibility & Application:

In order to maintain the exclusive and confidential nature of this workshop, we're limiting invitations to a select group of 10-12 companies.


Visit our website at and submit your application for consideration.

The application is open to mid-market organizations with 50 to 1000 desktops. Attendance of the CEO or CFO, along with their IT Leader (CIO or Director of IT), is a must. We expect participants to be open to learning and implementing the discussed strategies to protect their businesses from cyber threats.


Please note that applying does not guarantee an invitation due to the high demand for this event. Our focus is on serious participants who acknowledge the real and present danger that cybercrime represents to their operations.

Don't let your organization fall victim to cybercrime. Join us for this unique opportunity to learn from top experts in cybersecurity and network with like-minded leaders. Take the crucial steps needed to safeguard your organization today.

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