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About Stephen

Stephen is a seasoned technology expert with over 12 years of experience working for Microsoft. Throughout his career, he has been at the forefront of cybersecurity, traveling across the United States to educate and empower business leaders on Microsoft technology and cybersecurity measures. His dedication and expertise have been recognized with awards, including personal recognition from Bill Gates for his contributions to the American Red Cross's disaster preparedness efforts.As the CEO and co-founder of USM Technology, Stephen leads a team dedicated to providing top-notch technology consulting services. His company has assisted numerous businesses nationwide in both growth strategies and cybersecurity defense against malicious threats.Stephen's passion for advocacy extends beyond the business realm. Through his involvement with Voices for Innovation, he actively engages with political leaders to promote well-structured privacy and security regulations. Additionally, Stephen volunteers his time with the Cyber Peace Institute in Geneva, Switzerland, where he aids global non-profits in safeguarding their operations against cyber threats.


  • Award recipient from Bill Gates for disaster preparedness work with the American Red Cross

  • Co-founder and CEO of USM Technology

  • Advocacy efforts with Voices for Innovation

  • Volunteer work with the Cyber Peace Institute

  • Amazon Best Selling Author of "Cyber Storm"

  • Panelist alongside FBI & Homeland Security on cybersecurity strategies

  • Author of the Lone Star Business Journal Magazine

Speaking Topics

How To Survive A Cyber Attack

Learn essential strategies to repel cyber attacks and protect your organization from devastating financial losses and data breaches. Stephen provides actionable insights to ensure your team is prepared to combat cyber threats effectively.


Don’t Fight A Two Front Cyber War

Discover the importance of integrating cybersecurity planning with overall business strategy. Stephen emphasizes the need for a cohesive approach to cybersecurity to prevent being caught in a two-front war against cybercriminals.


5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Cyber Insurance

Stay ahead of the curve with Stephen's guidance on navigating the complexities of cyber insurance. Understand the critical factors to consider before securing your next policy, saving your organization from potential financial pitfalls.


Cyber Storm Book

Cyber Storm

In his bestselling book, "Cyber Storm," Stephen shares invaluable knowledge and strategies for business leaders to safeguard their companies against hackers and cyber criminals. Get ahead of the curve with actionable insights from a seasoned cybersecurity expert.

Lone Star Business Journal

Lone Star Business Journal Magazine

During fall 2023 last year, Stephen launched his new magazine series to share the latest business insights and tech trends with the Lone Star Business Journal, which is a go-to resource for industry updates and expert analysis.

Stephen in Action!

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